Air pollution kills more people than AIDS and malaria combined, and climate change is one of the biggest threats to human survival and well-being in the twenty-first century.  Motivated by these problems, Prof. Shen’s research explores how incentives shape environmental politics in developing countries, especially China.  Her research falls into four themes: the political economy of the environment, the social impacts of climate change, environmental attitudes & behaviors, and measurement & methodology.

Prof. Shen believes interdisciplinary techniques can generate new data, reveal new patterns, and offer new insights into critical questions.  Hence, her research integrates relevant techniques from political science, engineering, earth systems, computer science, and other disciplines to understand the problems of energy and the environment better.

Selected papers are listed by research area below.  Please refer to the CV for a full list of papers.

Political Economy of the Environment

Shen, Shiran Victoria. “The Political Pollution Cycle.”

  • Winner of the 2017 Paul A. Sabatier Award. Award by the American Political Science Association for the best conference paper on science, technology, and environmental politics.
  • Winner of the 2018 Malcolm Jewell Award. Award by the Southern Political Science Association for the best graduate student conference paper.

Shen, Shiran Victoria, Cesar Martinez, and Edgar Franco. “Containing the Electoral Pollution Cycle: Evidence from a Natural Experiment on Air Pollution Control in Mexico.”

Shen, Shiran Victoria. “Local Political Regulation Waves.”

Shao, Qinglong, and Shiran Shen. “When Reduced Working Time Harms the Environment: A Panel Threshold Analysis for EU-15, 1970-2010.” Journal of Cleaner Production 147 (2017): 319 – 329. [Post-print PDF]

Social Impacts of Climate Change

Shen, Shiran Victoria. “Pricing Carbon to Contain Violence.” Forthcoming in a World Bank report.

Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors

Shen, Shiran Victoria, Bruce E. Cain, and Iris Hui. “Public Receptivity in China towards Wind Energy Generators: A Survey Experimental Approach.” Energy Policy 129 (2019): 619 – 627. [Pre-print PDF]

Measurement and Methodology

Shen, Shiran Victoria. “Using Machine Learning to Find Environmentally At-Risk Communities.”

Other Publication

O’Brien, Robert, and Shiran Shen. “The U.S., China, and Cybersecurity: The Ethical